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To Begin ...For some a mediocre source of entertainment for others a life changing experience here in Australia or wherever you may be around the world.1950's Ouija game

The Ouija ..The Spirit ...The Oracle..Talking Board now a collectible !!

Australia New Zealand, South Africa and South America has not had the same exposure to Ouija boards unless brought in from the USA.

Hope we can expose some Ouija myths .

Do I Spell it Weggie or Wega?  How was Ouija Named?

Is a Ouija banned in Australia?            Instructions  to Use a Ouija.?

 Ouija boards,   spirit boards and talking boards haveouija Victorian 1890 for many many years caused discussion and conflict with  many groups.

I am not here to endorse their use nor am I here to criticize Ouija boards, I believe we are free to make our own minds up and decide for ourselves. However please be warned that if you are susceptible to the spirit board , you may think twice before entering the realm of the Ouija.

Older Ouijaboard

Originally used to talk to the Living!!

Originally the Ouija was used to talk the living, it was extremely popular during World war 1 as a communication device from home to the war.

During the 1920  at the height of the spiritualism craze the Ouija sold more than the bible in the USA,

 For those in the USA in the 1950-1970 it was  just another board game to play with.

1999 Cryptique Ouija USAAccording to Ouija worldwide expert and Historian Robert Murch, the Ouija up until the 1920's was just a fun thing to play and was not viewed as Supernatural

 Experience users claim that the Ouija helps in day to day situations and not necessarily for predictions of future event.

 Keep out of reach of children, The Ouija had traditionally been marketed and still is today at Family and children just like any other board game. (see the Pink Ouija.)

They are referred to as spirit boards or talking boards, the name Ouija is a trade mark and a patent from the USA well over 130 years ago. From Seance's, table tipping, writing planchettes to the board and planchette we know today the Talking board is an established cultural item still selling millions each year.

White Sage incense may help with Ouija protection


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All Ouija Boards (Talking Boards) for sale are the real deal,

We do not Fix, paint nail glue or restore .


Ouija Boards,  Did you Know..??

Ouija boards out sold Monopoly in the USA in the Mid 1960"s

William Fuld the modern day creator of the mass produced ouija boards Fell to his death while erecting a flagpole in 1927.

In the true story of the exorcist there was no mention of a Ouija board!!

1940's Swami collectible Ouija boardFor over 2500 years people have been using  the  squdilatc Board to talk to the dead and locate lost items and people.

The Ouija named itself in 1890!

 There is no guarantee what your experience will be with any Ouija or talking boards, Experiences

Please keep in mind different beliefs will offer different suggestions on use of a board, keep you mind open and always look for the positives. Ouija boards Australia,  paranormal. Ouija aka weega oujii

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Hi Colin,
My Ouija arrived in the post this morning. I have used the Parker Brothers Glow in the Dark Ouija previously, (and the Psychic Circle and Doreen Virtue Angel Board) in the past, and so am happy now to be able to have a larger more traditional board. Thanks for offering the service, and for allowing us Aussies who use the Ouija to have a local website offering boards and information.
Kind regards, Martin 04/01/14

Hasko 1940's Ouija vintage

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